Enemies Quantified

The number of gun owners in America is a false number if you count those folks as FreeFor.

Many of those folks like Social Security & Medicare.  Many of those folks even self-identify as Tea Party members.

Every Patriot who seeks “The Commander’s Intent” as defined by The Trainer as a return to the Constitution as ratified, is outnumbered at least 85:1.  The number is probably higher.  And if you are one of those Patriots and happen to live in a major Metropolitan area, you will have to carry the load of many Patriots because most of your allies do not live in the ‘burbs & cities.

Our Founding Generation, it is claimed, had 20-30% of the Colonists who supported Revolution, and about 3% who took arms.

Do you really think we still have those percentages today?

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One thought on “ Enemies Quantified

  1. History teaches us that a small, dedicated minority can overwhelm a large, unorganized, bloated, over-confident majority, numbers notwithstanding.

    So, do not despair! Each day more truly good men and women knock on our doors (so to speak) asking after what they need to do to help and are eager to learn those skills necessary to maintain a free society.

    Not all will remain; some will fall by the wayside bedause their characters are weak — some will even be banished from among us because they either can't or won't stand or are agents of the opposition, but we move ever forward, inch by inch, step by step, following and using the “Commander's Intent” as our guide without fail: Restoration of Constitutionally limited government as ratified.

    We prepare. We train. We consign ourselves to that which will most certainly occur whether we like it or not. We are resolved that sacrifice of ourselves will most likely be required before it is finished.

    All we need do is not underestimate OPFOR and not sell ourselves short while at the same time keeping our egos in check.

    That is aimed at everyone who longs for the united States as envisioned and secured by the Founders, including me.

    We should remind ourselves daily.

    My .02


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