Syrian Stomps: Are you ready for yours?

The tactics of thugs are not reserved for other cultures.

This Syrian is just one man in the history of Men who abuses his advantage.

Story is here.

In Arizona and around our republic every single day – up to 100 times each day – American LEO executes No-Knock raids and kill…

Here is the story from Arizona.

There is a war raging across the globe and it is in our republic, right now.

They call it by different names in different places.  Here, they call it Law & Order.

When they kick in your door and kill you or yours, there will be a Press Conference and They will tell the world of your extremist ways.  They will tell the country that you threatened them.

Call it what you will.

It is war.  Liberty is fighting and dying.

Right now.

Coming soon to a neighbor near you…or to your threshold.



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