This one is NOT a Sparklie

A Sparklie is a pretty, shiny thing designed to divert your attention from something real.

This is the something real…

Tell me, my fellow Patriots, how sanguine you are that Liberty can be easily won in the face of 60% of the Indiana Supreme Court choosing to simply ignore – with the force of Law – the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

I rather suspect there was a time in our history when the average person could go his entire life and not meet 3 people who agree with the Indiana Court.  But today, you can find 3 sitting on the highest judicial panel in the State.  How many are sitting in lower courts?  How many are spread about our judiciary at large?  How many lawmakers are chomping at the bit to expand this edict…

And your US Supreme Court?  I’d bet dollars to dimes that it is a 5-4 decision today…that’s how close we are to the utter abdication of even the facade of Constitutional respect.

Such an issue should never make it to any Court – much less the US Supreme Court.


At least.

Our Master’s grow less concerned with maintaining even the pretense…

The story is here.



3 thoughts on “This one is NOT a Sparklie

  1. “Right”.

    I have the right to do as I damned well please, including lighting up anyone who enters my home, legally or not.

    Choices and consequences.

    Rights are defined only by the level of force applied to protect them.

    That stack is terribly vulnerable to fire through the walls, btw. Or from a concerned neighbor.

    Someone breaks in my house at 3 AM, I'm acting, not debating legalities.



  2. It's good to know that someone besides myself noticed that stack.
    A good neighbor would be a good,,,,,,,, well, a good neighbor, but these are few and far between. So until proven wrong, and I hope so. I will count on myself.



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