Newt: Fail

Newt slams the GOP plan for Medicare, yet supports an individual mandate that we all purchase or participate in some form of healthcare as directed by FedGov.


Can anyone name one single candidate, even Ron Paul, who looks at every issue on the table through the lens of Constitutionality?

The answer is no.  They all have their version of how best to fix what we have…

Forget Herman Cain.  Forget Allen West.  Forget Ron Paul.  Sarah fails this test, too.  Each of these folks fails on 2A, and I don’t need to look any further than that…

Why should such a basic premise of our republican governance be a bar too high?

If there is no Constitutional premise for X, Y or Z, then do not do X, Y or Z.


But all of these people represent Masters of varying flavors and magnitudes.

There will come a time in November 2012 (providing we make it there before Implosion) when you and I will have to again vote for the lesser evil.  But I am also certain that there will come a time for a Reckoning, when every such person will stand before his Countrymen and answer for their intent to enslave.

The Newt story is here, if anyone cares.



One thought on “Newt: Fail

  1. Oh if only the hogs weren’t clamoring for more slop… the farmer wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get to the trough. Listen, I hate and despise politicians as much as the next guy, but honestly the pols are just responding to the “demand” of the “market”. The people have learned, and learned WELL, how to vote themselves largess from the treasury. And we know there’s nothing in the treasury (literally) that wasn’t first in the pockets of the “private” citizen.

    The electorate wants more and more, and the pols scramble in response to feed an ever increasing chorus of “gimmie my free shit!” Oh the handwringing I have witnessed in solid conservatives who lament the tiniest cut in ANY gooberment program. The dumb masses are ALL just fine with delegating all life’s toughest decisions to some “beneficent bureaucrat”, and let someone else pay for it.


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