Sheriff: Door to Door if needed…

Rich T sent this piece from Indiana, where it seems some LEO are already chomping at the bit to dish out the beat-downs Americans so need.  This Sheriff reportedly told a talk-show host that door-to-door random searches were possible, if he so desired.

Do you understand, American?  And when you are sitting in your cell and your court-appointed attorney tells you that the Judge will not even allow you to raise the 4th Amendment as a defense…

For anyone who dismissed such weakening of our Constitutional Rights and defenses, this is why it matters.  There are those who mean to be Masters.  They range from the White House to the State House, City Hall and even your neighbor’s house.  Once the “Law” gives them “permission”…

…you will lose.

The Constitution is a Gentlemen’s Agreement.  And when one party breaks the agreement, one no longer needs to be a Gentleman.

There is only one remedy for any and every violation of the Rights and protections offered by the Constitution. 

You WILL NOT find justice in a courtroom.

When your 1A or 4A or any other Constitutional Right is abridged, you can count only on 2A.  These are the options your Masters have left on the table: Submit or Die.

If you choose 2A and win the first round, They will still try to kill you afterward…but you’ll die with Liberty under your feet.

We all die.

How we die, matters.

Story is here.



One thought on “Sheriff: Door to Door if needed…

  1. Chickens— sheriff doesn't even have an e-mail address! While searching for it,I find the supreme court has received threats for dumping both U.S. constitution & Indiana constitution! What's with these idiots?


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