War against Liberty is in the open

Make no mistake: The recent decisions in Indiana and by SCOTUS in the Kentucky case represent a deliberate challenge and unleashing of the evolution of the War against Liberty.

The paperwork is being put in place to legalize the Police State.

So go to your quiet place and indulge in a bit of private introspection, Patriots.

All of the creeping against our Rights has come now to the open challenge.  Until now our Masters have feared to blatantly set aside the Constitution.  Even the elastic interpretations of General Welfare and Interstate Commerce were smirking attacks, moving the line rather than having the spine to outrightly declare an aspect of the Constitution to be dead.

Now, they do not hide their malice.

I encourage you to visit InjusticeEverywhere.com every day to help your Soul understand just how intense this War against Liberty is, and how often there are battles.  There are few Patriots I commend that we support financially – and the folks at InjusticeEverywhere.com deserve a hit on the donate button, my friends.

Waco happens every single day.  Fort Sumter happens every single day.

What of Lexington & Concord?



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