Arctic Patriot

I commend Arctic Patriot’s latest to you.  His position is clear.

Now take it a step further: Liberty will never be won by playing defense.  I’m sorry for sloppy attribution, I think that came from Alvie at the Cliffs and has been repeated by AP & others.

As AP stated in a comment at his place, what we need (banding together into active teams) will not happen any time soon because the number of people willing to protect their own homes is pretty darned low, and the number of people willing to help you protect your home is abyssmal.

I concluded a while ago the most likely pattern in this War on Liberty will be capitulation by most folks and a series of One Man Ruckus events by a few.  The Ruckus may be an offensive Op or Defensive at his own threshold.  If defensive at your own home, you will lose every single time.

If offensive…you have every advantage.  If you have skills…

Read AP’s piece, here.



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