Which way are you facing?

Alvie considers the 4th:

You know, just thinking some more on the 4th Amendment death here; Some black humor:

  • Don’t sweat that 4th Amendment stuff.  You won’t need that when you’re in the camps. 
  • When we’re all homeless, what difference will the 4th Amendment make?

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One thought on “Which way are you facing?

  1. This from the author of the Mike Church story regarding the Newton County Indiana sheriff:

    As it relates to the legal ramifications of this Indiana Supreme Court ruling, my analysis was validated by several law enforcement sources and a Constitutional attorney. Supreme Court Justice David in writing the MAJORITY opinion did so in a manner that went outside the matters presented in BARNES v. STATE of INDIANA.

    When he wrote “MODERN” legalese for (post-PATRIOT-Act) jurisprudence that Hoosiers may not resist UNLAWFUL entry, with the stroke of a pen he decreed the ability for law enforcement to conduct random house to house searches.

    In order to appreciate the full gravity of the ruling, we must understand exactly what UNLAWFUL ENTRY means in the legal sense.Telephone any police chief and ask what does UNLAWFUL ENTRY MEAN; you will get an answer that states an UNLAWFUL ENTRY is any search of PRIVATE PROPERTY without PROBABLE CAUSE or WARRANT.

    Therefore if neither PROBABLE CAUSE nor a WARRANT must be issued, it is left to the arbitrary whims of the department or officer on the scene.

    Further as it relates to the inferences that this story is phony, all I can offer is that I have been publishing for 3 years, in that time never once have any of my articles ever received a LIBEL DEMAND RETRACTION LETTER from the facts presented therein.

    Furthermore, Mike Church who retained my services as a Contributing Editor & Publisher, would not risk Libel litigation (nor his contract with Sirius/XM) by allowing libelous news reports to be published anywhere on his site which directly tied to the Sirius/XM show. (The article was originally drafted for MikeChurch.com where it also currently resides.)

    Thus, you have my word as the author that the following is all true:

    a.) I telephoned the Newton County Sheriff's Department on May 16th, 2011 and asked his secretary to speak with Sheriff Hartman since he as Sheriff is the highest-constitutionally-elected law enforcement officer in the state.

    b.) Sheriff Hartman was asked if UNLAWFUL entry by law enforcement means entry without PROBABLE CAUSE or WARRANT. He indicated that is the definition of UNLAWFUL ENTRY.

    c.) I then asked the Sheriff if he was familiar with the BARNES v. STATE of INDIANA ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court, to which he replied “yes.”

    c.) When asked what would then stop police from conducting random searches, he indicated to me that he would “follow the law as decided by the Indiana Supreme Court.”

    d.) I then asked again if this meant he felt he could conduct random searches without Probable Cause or warrant to which he replied, “if the Supreme Court has said Hoosiers cannot resist, I follow the law. If that means we can conduct random searches then we will if needed”

    e.) Sheriff Hartman was then asked about whether he felt his oath to the Indiana State Constitution Section 11. was superior to the Indiana Supreme Court ruling to which he responded in a annoyed fashion, “Ma'am, I have already told you twice, if the supreme court says Hoosier cannot resist, then that is the law.”

    f.) I then asked if he saw any benefit to conducting Random Searches, to which he replied, “the people would be happy to have random searches if it means the capture of a criminal.”

    I thanked him for his time we hung up the telephone and utterly astounded at what he told me, immediately began to draft the article.



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