Starting the Day with a Beatdown by LEO

The video says it all.

2 PoPo (Metro Transit Cops – the Mall Cops of Public Transportation here in the DC Area) snatch a wheelchair-bound guy from his chair and slam him, face-first onto the concrete sidewalk.

They said he was resisting arrest.

Have any of you watched Game of Thrones on HBO?  There is a scene where a Dwarf slaps his younger brother (full-size) not once, not twice, but three times!  What able-bodied man can’t avoid being face slapped by a Dwarf THREE times?!

It’s the same concept with PoPo.  The guy was in a wheelchair…where is the gene in your make-up that informs you it is necessary and prudent to snatch a guy who can’t walk from his chair and face-grind him into concrete?

My point: All LEO is to be considered a masochistic Enemy of Liberty without a trace of Common Sense or compassion until demonstrated otherwise.  And if you wait to see if it will be demonstrated, you’ll probably lose.

Here is the story with video.



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