LEO Ambushed

San Antonio Deputy ambushed at a traffic light.

He’s dead.

Locals mystified.

Story here.

Here’s another one.

Officials can’t understand it.

…I can…



11 thoughts on “LEO Ambushed

  1. I can too. Of course he's painted in the best of light, while the rest of us citizens just deserve what we get. Bulls**t! Those in HIS community probably know why it happened…..



  2. Greybeard – my thoughts exactly. How many men and women has he infringed Constitutionally during his career?

    “I was just doing my job…” That excuse only makes it worse, in my book.

    One day we will look back and see this as, perhaps, the beginning…

    CIII – someone knows why he was “ambushed”. It may well be for a reason the average Patriot can understand…



  3. Article said that he was well liked and considered a good guy by those who knew him. Ironic, isn't it? those words were also used in commenting on a certain Marine who was gunned down by over 60 rounds from a pig squad.


  4. I've already had an eye poked out.Maybe this individual got what HE deserved or he just got what some other scum deserved.Either way things will not continue as they have,they are waiting as we are waiting,for someone else to make the first move.Bon chance


  5. When I worked for CHP we had a traffic officer in San Diego (Border Division) who was a great guy. He'd roll on other TO's accidents to help direct traffic or draw a diagram of the scene, etc. Always helpful, always pleasant. Right up until he threw a young co-ed off an overpass after strangling her to death. I was working the night he killed her. You might have heard his name: Craig Peyer.


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