Beaking Stuff from the Little Yellow Bus

Folks, I have skillz.  It ain’t braggin’ if it’s a fact.

I can make things and people violate UL Specs in unique, clever and dramatic fashion.

I know how to harden a home to buy you some time.  I know CQB that will buy you and your family some time.  I can’t promise you’ll win – we allo lose, eventually.  But I can make a weapon from almost anything, and I can show you how to use most household appliances, with minor modifications, as annoyances or, well…. more than annoyances.

But I am not putting it online for kids or idiots.

I’m not wasting my time writing it into a book that may get me a case, unless enough folks will buy it to keep my wife fed while I’m back in with my friends.

Should I make such a task a priority?

Truth?  I do not see Red Dawn coming our way.  I see thugs versus Patriots fighting mostly from thresholds and sometimes at places of opportunity chosen by either side.

Is it worth it?

I know most of you’d rather chat in email, so keep it that way.  No need putting yourself out there in another comment.



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