The Hard Things

I borrowed CA’s Hard Things concept for the title today. 

Restoration, which I define as Trainer’s Commander’s Intent, a return to some semblence of Constitutional governance, as ratified, is on the other side of Hell.  If we want Restoration, there is no choice…you’ll have to journey through Hell.

There will be no free rides.  Those who don’t pull their weight, well…

Consider what will be the hardest part for you.

For me, it will be the sadness encountered by so many as they face certain death as their understanding and Awakening comes in their final moments.

I wonder how many of our Countrymen will die with this thought in their minds:  …so, that’s why the Second Amendment is so important…

I wonder how many will starve to death, because they (or their parents) failed to grasp the basics of life.

Watching all of them cross Styx is what will hurt my heart the most…even though I understand Darwin’s intent and necessity.



One thought on “The Hard Things

  1. And the heartbreaking part for me?

    Many, many of the dead will be known to us, and us to them.

    Give us the strength….



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