Counting Coup…

In the real world of CQB your primary firearm may run dry and quite often reloads are not possible.  The bad guys are too close.  You are in a Death Fight.

Some of us have spent our lives counting coup, just because…

There is a reason it’s called Wet Work.

How quickly can you transition from that bottomfeeder in your strong hand to the tactical folder or battle blade, and slip it into a soft and gooey spot?

You need to know.

Death Fights never go as you plan, because your plans don’t include the input of your enemies.

Have you done enough bladework?  Can you get to it, strong hand or off hand, do you know where to stick it, or when to slash, and what to expect in the moments after you’ve tickled an aorta or kidney?


…how about your wife and children?

They’ll probably be in the house when the bad guys show.

Teach them now, Patriots.  The learning curve is too steep for OJT.



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