Project 7: One Man Ruckus?

Bill has been following a story about a militia group called Project 7 and one of their guys who is on the run from LEO at the moment.

Follow Bill’s take at his site, here.

From what I have been able to put together a guy named Burgert runs Project 7, a militia that had plans to start a Ruckus with local LEO.  Burgert was ratted out by a 17 year-old in the unit.

There is back-story.  Burgert has a history of bumping heads with LEO, as we will soon all have such a history.  What I find perplexing is just how quietly MSM and the LEO community are playing this story, and now compare it to the San Antonio Deputy ambushed…

Do we have a balloon going up?  Do our Masters think we have a balloon going up and they are terrified of drawing attention to Citizen’s taking it to LEO?  Moral High Ground/Fort Sumter arguments are folly – don’t bother me with them.  Our Master’s attack Sumter daily, hourly.

We know that everything our Masters talk about are deliberate Sparklies.  They remain silent on matters they consider to be real…

Never forget the One Man Ruckus.

And never forget, Burgert was given up by a member of his own unit…

Here is a story on the topic by someone who obviously takes the position that Burgert is a Right Wing Extremist Racist Whacko Gun Nut…

But follow the story at Bill’s place.  If this guy is another in a series of One Man Ruckus events…

…and our own community fails to connect the dots and help where able…

One report out there says LEO stopped hunting for Burgert because they suspected they were being led into an ambush/trap…keep that one tucked away in your Tactical braincase.

Stay safe.



One thought on “Project 7: One Man Ruckus?

  1. I see the article states he was ratted out by the kid for beating him up. Well when I was growing up snitches ALWAYS got stitches. Seems maybe Mr. Burgert stopped to soon…..



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