David Burgert

I wonder how many .223 FMJ rounds one can fit in a 5 gallon bucket.  I’m curious because looking back to my young teenage years with my Uncle, he’d buy ammo in bulk – by the 5 gallon bucket.  He really stocked up on .223 & .45 ACP, but I can count in my head at least 15-20 buckets filled with ready-to-go rounds in several calibers.

His rifle cabinet held only a few of his pieces, the most expensive hunting rifles and a sweet, original 1911 once owned by the US Government.  It said so, right there on the slide.  He liked his Ruger Mini-14’s, one was always leaning by each entrance (front & rear).  And handguns were everywhere.  On top of the refrigerator.  In the pantry.  Under the sofa.  Laying on the fireplace mantle.  In the mechanical room.  One never needed to take more then 4-5 steps to pick up a firearm that was charged and ready to go. 

I suspect he’d make a list or two at DHS if he were still alive.

David Burgert…

Consider: How would John Parker today be met by LEO and his elected politicians?

Would John Parker be on the same list at DHS as he probably occupied at the King’s Intel Bureau?

Would John Parker today be condemned by members of the Patriot Community for violating the rule of No Fort Sumter…

I don’t know anything about David Burgert. 

I know who is lining up against him, and that speaks loudly…



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