Most Children are Born with Common Sense…

This study finds that children are born with a respect for Property Rights, here.

What parent hasn’t heard MINE!!! screeching from the lungs of little ones?

This is an example of having to go in search of proof for Common Sense.  We all know that children are born A and too many of our adults set to work in a child’s earliest days to curb innate behaviors that the Enemies of Liberty find problematic, transforming children from A to B.

Public Schools no longer educate.  They are used to indoctrinate by our Masters, and they are used as babysitters by too many Citizens, many of whom have no choice because both parents (if they are still together) must work just to keep Home & Hearth functioning.

Good job to the folks who ran the study & had the mettle to publish in the face of the peer reviews that will seek to undermine their findings, credibility, and future in the profession.  This is important work, and sadly must be done for any Patriot who still holds any hope for Reason as a tool in the fight for Restoration.  The Enemies of Liberty have succeeded in shifting the conversation and Talking Points from Common Sense, and this report is ammunition for any Patriot who desires to shift the conversation back into the realm of reality.

I found it over at InfoWars.  Find your Intel where it is, use what works for you and leave the rest. 

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of Patriot “Leaders” who seek to assign Patriot Pedigrees. 

Do what works for you.

UPDATE: Of course, indoctrination of children is far more advanced in foreign Socialist Utopias: Here.



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