Madame Speaker?

In an election year when she has declared for the Presidency, she’d be forced to hardline the Tea Party stance on most issues.

Current House Leadership must change.  The moment is ripe for a coup.

If we are entering a Ruckus Phase of American History, I want the hardest, most Constitutionalist folks in positions of power as we can manage.  Short of a nuclear Armageddon, politics will matter even when SHTF.



4 thoughts on “Madame Speaker?

  1. Nope! I don't buy it! Madame Michelle talks a good game. But where was she when a bill came before her very own committee that proposed reinstating the Glass-Steagal Act that would END BANKERS GAMES? No where to be found. Not a word from her.

    But wait, there is more. She voted in favor of continuing the Patriot Act. Are these actions commensurate with her words? Sorry she lost me then. Talk is cheap and her actions SUCK!!



  2. BearKiller: What about the argument of Lesser Evils?

    While she is not the candidate most Patriots would build from scratch – Patriots do not have the option to build a candidate for Speaker from scratch.

    Here is the real question: Is she better for Constitutionalists than Boehner?



  3. Kerodin,

    The Lesser evil is still EVIL. You make that choice, I am done with it.

    I see NO political solution to the ongoing corruption. It is clear the games and charades of Mssrs. Boner and Obama are simple political theatre.

    Have YOU fallen for this nonsense? No deal is possible, certainly not one with ANY substance. NEITHER side offers any real change, just trivialities.

    I do NOT accept that any candidate that speaks out of both sides of her face at once will offer anything ANY Constitutionalist will like. What makes her any different than any other political campaigner? How many have lived up to their campaign promises?

    In the end Mr. Market WILL have the last say and the Dizzy Tower of Babel WILL collapse of its own corruption. It has happened before in our history; soon once again. It WILL require Patriots to act or we all will perish with our nation.

    As has been said so often, There WILL be a fight.



  4. I understand your position. You are right, there will be a fight.

    It matters who is in political power when that fight comes. It is and will be a polygonal battlespace, and all fronts will be important.

    We neglect the political spectrum at our peril.

    Stay safe.



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