The Big Boys Never Suffer

When you have money the opportunities for making more money are many.

When you have money and you are willing to create suffering among your fellow Man, your opportunities for making more money are endless.

Consider this business model from Goldman: Warehouse space in Detroit is available for chump change (literally).  Goldman uses a subsidiary to purchase warehouse space and rent storage space for bulk aluminum owners.  The rental fees are not chump change.

Then, Goldman’s subsidiary (guided by the minds at Goldman) recognize that they are sitting on mountains (literally) of cash in aluminum form.  They lean upon a Rule that permits the warehouse subsidiary to release to the owners of the aluminum only a percentage of that which comes in…effectively creating a hostage situation for the aluminum, and a situation where the rightful owner of the aluminum may not take possession of his property when he wants it, but must also continue to pay the storage rental fee.

Sweet, eh?

So now we have Goldman’s subsidiary sitting on enough stored aluminum that by controlling how much they release each day or week actually has an impact on the price of aluminum in the markets.  Hold more in storage, the value goes up…


Right this moment you are paying more for aluminum goods than you need to pay because of manipulation like this scheme.  And the schemes are countless, across industries and continents.

And they called Luciano a Gangster…

Here is the story.



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