Life as we know it…

Column at Kerodin: Life as we know it will change…it will not end.

If your Strategy has not incorporated the reality of politics, it is time to revisit your plans.

If you have not relaized that you will probably be a Leader by default, consider the points laid out in the column.




One thought on “Life as we know it…

  1. Last year I supported with both money and campaign work, Mike Kelley-R, 3rd Congressional District, Pennsylvania in his effort to remove the incumbent Dahlkemper-D. He was successful. He is now my congresscritter. Kelley is a traitor. Not only did he vote for the Boehner/Pelosi debt bill but he has voted twice to extend the unconstitutional Patriot Act. This he did after signing a Campaign for Liberty document stating he would never vote to support the Patriot Act.

    Elected officials ? How does one know who to trust ? How does one truly know if the person you're voting for will stand by his/her principles and support the US Constitution ?

    Scoundrel Mike Kelley lied on the campaign trail. He's now my congresscritter. He's a traitor.

    One can't trust a single candidate for elected office.



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