Got your Anti-Riot Uniform?

Your Thug Hoodie: Don’t leave home without it.

When you need to double-tap a baddie & beat feet – wear the gear of Champions and defeat those nasty eyes in the sky.


PS: Consider the poll at, please.


8 thoughts on “Got your Anti-Riot Uniform?

  1. strange enough. As a middle aged white male I have considered getting a 2xl black hoodie at walmart once or twice as a form of urban camo.


  2. Can't beat the hoodie for looking like a local teen, even though your teen era was four or five decades ago. Don't forget the baseball cap and loose fitting jeans, probably black in color, and a pair of studded engineer boots or black steel toed workboots. A bandana, red, yellow, or blue in color, would sure help cause misdirection as well.


  3. In addition, it is a piece of gear that serves an array of purposes, especially when worn in layers (green hoody chap does X, but gray hoody chap walks away).


  4. An N95 mask with an exhaust valve is not too conspicuous under a bandana, nor is an NIJ Level 3 vest obvious under a 2-sizes-too-large black hoodie (blending with the “hefty” brothers). Quick-release butt-pack can hold enough stuff for the event. A NATO Kevlar helmet (upgraded with Oregon Aero harness, natch') is obvious, and perfect when about with 6-12 similarly-clad pals. Boots, comfortable and run-capable, +1.


  5. Dirt Bike body armor for legs, arms, shoulders would be a good idea, if it can take having a bike land on you, batons should be childs play. Underneath hoodie of course. heh, heh.


  6. Not sure I'd pick a bandana, likely to get you shot for being Crip/Blood/Mexican Mafia/Norteno/Sureno, etc. by one of the competition.


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