American Stasi

Concerned American linked an important piece over at Vanderboegh’s site, here.

It seems the Feds are in full Stasi mode.

Below is the brief query I submitted to Cheaper than Dirt! a company I have dealt with in the past.  I would suggest each of you email your favorite supplier, and if you get a bad answer, let us know.

It has recently been revealed that elements of the Federal, and perhaps State/Local, Governments are requesting that vendors query and retain information about customers who purchase lawful items.
Can you please inform me if Cheaper Than Dirt! complies with such requests?
For our younger Patriots, or those who do not know their Iron Curtain history, Mischa Wolfe headed the Stasi, probably the most effective, most embedded, and most feared State-run Secret Police force in history.

If we ever let America get even close to where our Masters would like as relates to Secret Police and “See Something, Say Something”, we are doomed.

Read about it over at Curtis’ place, here.


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