Don’t be this guy

In the opening hours & days of urban/suburban/countryside SHTF, do you think this guy will draw attention from all the wrong people, from bad people with badges & guns to Leftist garbage among our neighbors who want this guy hanging from a rope?

Don’t be this guy.

Jeans, good (fast) shoes, oversized hoodie, ball cap, shades, bandana, gloves (latex and tactical leather), backpack or sling pack (OD at most – no cammie).

Nothing spells T A R G E T to a scared LEO more than a geared up Patriot. 

Same with your operational vehicle.  Blend.  A Gadsden bumper sticker and Come Get Some scrawled across the trunk is not what you want to drive to the super-secret hideout of local Patriots.

Never let ’em see you coming, do your caper, and exfil looking like everyone else on the camera.

Might I also add:  A man with a tool pouch slung over a shoulder and a button-down work shirt can gain nearly unlimited access to most places.  I know this to be fact.

Use this information as you will.

But this guy in the picture, if he shows up at the party in his kit, won’t make it to day two.

Be safe, Patriots.



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