Pick Your Poison

Add Sarah (maybe) and Rick Perry.

If you vote, it will be for the lesser evil.  None of these candidates are III Percent Patriots.  They are not even genuine Tea Party Patriots.  Michelle claims Tea Party status, but she voted for PATRIOT.  Ron Paul could be much stronger on 2A.  No one is perfect.

It is what it is.

You do not have the opportunity to vote for a genuine III Candidate because you have decided to stay on the sidelines.  Personally, I consider it a disaster if the R nominee is not Sarah, Michelle, or Ron.  But even in those cases, we only slow the rate of decay. 

We can not avoid Implosion.

There is still plenty of time for you – YOU – to run for Congress in your District and become one of the genuine 218 Patriots the republic needs to shut down unconstitutional spending.  You could be one of the genuine Americans who get shuttled into the Bunkers when SHTF and shots are called that affect us all.

Yes, you can.  You may not win, but at least you could ask the questions that the other candidates will never ask until they are forced by someone like you.  It does not take millions of dollars to get to Congress.  It takes hard work, to be sure.

I’ll write a thumbnail outline for how to run a Rogue House Campaign.  You can get started for under $100.  Every excuse you throw out there for not running is just that – an excuse.

You don’t have to win.  Just make the other candidates talk about the Constitution.

And if you do win…the paycheck is $175k a year.

Think about it.  When SHTF I’d like you and your family in the bunker speaking for the Constitution.  There won’t be many doing that…



One thought on “Pick Your Poison

  1. It always has been and always will be the “lesser of evils”. The days of statesmen are over – if they ever existed. Churchill was ridiculed and attacked for pointing out Hitler rising. When was the last American statesman?


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