Posse What?

The Air Force was listed as the lead in the invasion of the gun store.

Conditioning the public…nothing more than that.

You are NOT paranoid.  They ARE coming for you.

Here’s the story.



4 thoughts on “Posse What?

  1. There's a decent chance that the shop was receiving stolen USAF property, making it within the bounds posse comitatus. That doesn't mean it wasn't deliberately provocative.

    Keep your powder dry, and don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes (if you will forgive me mixing my quotes.)


  2. Notice ICE is showing up at more an more events?You reckon it was illegals stealing and selling basic military equipment? Since Obama is giving illegals free pass to America why do we have ICE?Air Force, FBI,ATF,ICE,and locals hum lot of Agencies for non dangerous equipment.



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