Stop Selling Lemonade or We’ll Shoot!

The title of this piece is not exactly what LEO says when they shut down a little girls lemonade stand…but the meaning is accurate.

You will abide the instructions of LEO or the situation will escalate.

It does not matter what the situation may be.

You will abide the commands of LEO or the situation will escalate until one of you is dead.

At some point he will order you to turn and submit to handcuffs.  If you fail to comply he will try to beat you with a nightstick, a big Mag-Lite, his fists and boots, or shoot you with a Taser.  If these methods of submission fail to render you submitted, he’ll pull his pistol and try to shoot you.  If you manage to live this long and kill him in defense, his buddies will devote their lives to killing you in retribution.

You can read Curtis’ perspective, here.



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