NFL Patdowns

DHS has leaned on the NFL and now members of the FSA (Those who have no skills to get a real job) will put on latex and put their hands on you, your wife & kids just to get into the game.

I gave up my Redskin season tickets a few years ago.

I wish I still had them, because I’d give them up again, today.


This will go away if the NFL loses money on the deal.  That’s the only way.

Well…that and American Revolution III.

But I’m willing to bet the assets of my manhood that there will be little more than a few grumbles by the NFL Fans of America.  There will be no protests of significance.  If there is a cashflow blip, it will only be a blip.

The patdowns will continue.

So many of my fellow Americans – who are not Americans – make me nauseated.

I am embarrassed.  It is time for a purge.

Just like this NFL move, you will find that the jobs “created by Government” will be given to the FSA…tightening the grip of power of Government.

Liberty and Tyranny simply can not coexist.

And if you do not see an FSA piece of genetic garbage putting his hands on you as tyranny, I can’t help you.



4 thoughts on “NFL Patdowns

  1. I am so weary of explaining why I won't fly anymore to people and getting blank stares from them. Seriously, John Wayne was right, you just can't fix stupid. So yes, you're right the ijits will still line up to see the big game…you'll have to excuse me, I'm having a bit of a Sunday morning hating humanity moment.


  2. The local fish-wrap did a story about this. My response:

    Jeezus…what a bunch of nutless zombified sheep NFL/Colts fan are.

    “The pat down wasn't a problem for me, it didn't take extra time. Security and safety should be first and foremost, so I'm OK with the pat down,” one fan said.”

    “I think it's a good thing to have extra precautions, just in case,” another fan said. “it doesn't matter to me, as long as everyone is safe.”

    You grope my wife/mom/daughter…it's go time.

    Eff the Colts. Eff the NFL. Eff Lucas Oil Stadium. Traitors all.


  3. We keep waiting for “the event” that will finally spur this country to the edge……still waiting. The gov will keep on pushing the envelope of freedom. Like it has been said, “When they came for me, there was no one left”.


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