And the music continues…

One of those in our Community that I respect once told me in email he felt trapped in Cassandra’s Curse.  I’m paraphrasing…but I so f’n understand.

Darrell Issa (R) Ca announced that he will be chasing down LightSquared & Solyndra.

The Congressman understands what brings down Administrations.

For you GunWalker folks, don’t feel like the gal left at the alter.  GunWalker has run its course regarding hardcore political value (long ago).  Issa & Co know this, and have just been treading water for the next newsmaker before walking away from GunWalker.

You don’t think any R really cares about the details of GunWalker, do you…beyond the ability to smack D’s with it.

GunWalker will remain alive among the benchwarmers and will be among the list of wrongs ticked off to the Press every time the R’s want to sting the D’s.

It is all political theater. 

Never forget that we live under a two-party tyranny and one side must be careful to never entirely kill the other, for one is Yin to the others Yang.

If one desires to weight the true crimes against Liberty, stop looking at the silly Sparklies of GunWalker, Solyndra, LightSquared, ad nauseum


You want to talk about the true crimes against Liberty? 

Stop looking under rocks! 


Taxes & the blatant stealing of your wealth, the bread from the mouth of your child.

Immoral Wars, murdering people around the globe without cause.

Hourly beatings & executions by the State (LEO) upon your Countrymen who are merely living within the Rights articulated in our Founding documents.

The list is long. 

But make no mistake: The TRUE evils are right out there in the open, staring you and me in the face every day, and every single one of us capitulate to one degree or another, every single f’n day.

It’s called Slavery, my fellow Slave.  Right up until the moment you truly lose your sh*t and walk to the Green.  Then, that day, that moment, you will be Free.

Here is the Issa article, if you care.  And if you care, you are playing their game, no matter how much you howl in moral outrage.



7 thoughts on “And the music continues…

  1. Spot on Sam! It's a nasty circle we've ALL been traveling in for decades,and its not gonna slow down anytime soon till the whole dam thing flys COMPLETEY APART!
    And i'm just not so sure anymore that it will. I am most certainly ready though,and maybe THAT'S part of the problem?!?
    I dunno….


  2. Dr. Jim: Yes, sir. By “Green” I mean the Green as in Lexington & Concord.

    Every City Hall, every State House, every Court House, right up to the National Mall in DC.

    Stay safe!



  3. I'm just glad that some of us see it for all it is. I predicted this a long time ago on Mikes blog in the comments section. I even predicted that there were more players in this such as the FBI, DEA, CIA and etc. We're just getting spoon fed by TPTB. Would it be nice if heads were decapitated? Sure. But I just don't see it happening after all this time.


  4. Something about this piece hits home. The reality of our situation has become very clear the last couple of years. I cant say its a happy revelation at all.


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