Wyoming State & Local LEO Joining with Air Force for Drunk Driving Crackdown

Kurt at InfoWars has a piece about more military & civilian cooperation for domestic ops. 

Of course these ops are simply to help blunt the military training that teaches these guys to shoot first and ask questions later.  When the military is brought in on a large scale, it will be bad PR if too many carloads of families get lit up as soldiers revert to the default responses to threats instilled in Boot.

This training works both ways.  Civilian LEO is exposed to the coming new standard of rougher & tougher rules of enforcement.

Drunk driving will be dangerous for you folks out in Wyoming.

But don’t worry, I’m probably just succumbing to conspiracy theories.  Our Government would never turn loose the military on Citizens, and our military would surely refuse the orders, if given.

Here is the InfoWars piece.  Use the information as you will.



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