JudicialWatch had to sue the Government for the documents.

Nearly $500,000 for the First Lady to go to South Africa.

Daughters were listed as “Senior Staff”.

Her mother, a niece, nephew, hair stylist and make-up artists were part of the entourage.

The costs of security, ground transportation, et cetera are not included…

The safari they enjoyed was surely necessary to the diplomatic health of the republic.

The problem is that we send people to Washington who would do such a thing.  I don’t think if the average III Patriot were elected to office he’d send the family on vacation at the expense of the public.  Until we stop voting for selfish people, nothing will change.

Here’s the JudicialWatch report.



2 thoughts on “$424,142

  1. Compared to the steady diet of corruption we get, this is small potatoes. No one died. Vast amounts of money weren't stolen. But that's almost the point.

    They are so corrupt they lie on the small things. The daughters are senior staff? Would it have been so hard to pay a little for the kids?

    Linked back… thanks.


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