California: Cops May Search Your Phone in a Traffic Stop

If you rely upon the Fourth Amendment to keep you safe as you live your life, you will lose.

The only way you will ever enjoy the Fourth again is if you protect it with the Second.

Not in court.  The moment someone tries to infringe your 4A you will need to go 2A.

Are you willing to end your life the next time your 4th is infringed?  It may be at the airport.  It may be at the football game.  It may be during a traffic stop on the side of the road.  One day soon, it will be on the sidewalk, and in your office building, and maybe even as you try to enter the mall.

If you do not do it, noone will.  The practice of avoidance (choosing not to go where your Rights are challenged) is becoming obsolete, fast.  Soon you will not be able to get through your day without an in-your-face challenge to your innate Liberties.

Here’s the story from California.

Check this story update from Curtis, here.

Thanks to Will for sending this in.



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