Pat Buchanan

Consider this sneak peek at PJB’s latest.

Here, from Drudge.



3 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan

  1. Here's an email just received from a different source.

    “Pat Buchanan in his new book notes that the current enrollment of Harvard is roughly at:

    25% Ashkenazi
    25% White / European American

    Given that Jews are 2% of the population and whites just under 70%, that's quite the over and under representation.

    Granted, Ashkenazis have higher IQs, but whites have higher IQs than most races and there are by far more whites in the US.

    Lynn has estimated that looking at average IQs and total numbers of people, high IQ whites should outnumber high IQ Askhenazis by 7:1.

    Which means that if Harvard were a meritocracy, whites should outnumber Ashkenazis by 7:1.

    But they don't. It's a 1:1 ratio.”


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