The pessimists are better informed…

At the current course & speed, according to the Census Bureau, Whites will no longer be a majority in America in 2041.

If you want to see what a non-white majority looks like in political terms, look at California today, and soon to Texas.  Whites are today a minority in California, and the GOP and political Right are dead in that state.  Today in Texas 1/2 of all school children and 2/3 of all newborns are hispanic.  The GOP and political Right will soon be dead in Texas.

I encourage you to read Pat Buchanan’s latest, here.

And consider your optimism for Restoration in the face of the sheer quantity of human souls among us who do not want a Constitutional Republic…



2 thoughts on “The pessimists are better informed…

  1. Very good read. Just one point seems to be missing. If “white America” are the producers, and non white America are the “receivers” (A.K.A. Free Shit Army), what happens when you kill the Golden Goose?

    There's a reason Third World countries look like Third World countries.


  2. Anon: Dead-on target. There is a reason Third World countries look the way they do, and it is the same reason America is looking more like a Third World country every single day.



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