Are you ready for President Cain?

It is time to give serious consideration to the potential of a President Cain.

Forget the national polls, they mean nothing in our Electoral College.

He has taken straw polls and other contests in Nevada, Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, for starters.

Yes, he has problems for Constitutionalists.  Everyone on the stage has problems.

Patriots – if he wins the nomination one thing is a fact: He’d be better than President Obama.

Perhaps that is all we can hope for this cycle.



8 thoughts on “Are you ready for President Cain?

  1. Like you stated….”IF he wins the nomination”. To get the nomination, what will he have to give up? Remember that Reagan had to give Bush the Vice President ticket to sew up the nomination at the convention.



  2. Indeed, there is a long way between here and there. While I am not enthused about a President Cain, it sure beats a President Romney.

    Let's just hope the Tea Party can pull him Right and keep him there.



  3. Anon: I know. He is far from perfect, but there are realities in play.

    1) He's better than President Obama
    2) He's better than Mitt
    3) He can get the nomination and Paul can not
    4) His economic policies will mean more money in our pockets
    5) He will slow the rate of decay of the republic, buying us Prep time before Implosion
    6) Who else is there on the stage?



  4. Alan: I agree, we are not voting our way out of this.

    But, I'm going to vote for the best person on the stage because at some point our Politicians will dive into bunkers and pull the levers of power from in there. I don't want Mitt or Perry deciding when/how/where to hand out the bread, which “Extremists” need to be put in a camp, et cetera.

    But that is the only reason I'm going to vote.

    Implosion is imminent and a fight is imminent.



  5. I have the greatest respect for Karl on financial matters…politics, not so much. Remember he voted for Obama and now seems to have an axe to grind with anything Tea Party.

    That said, Cain may well collapse. But that leaves a clear path for Mitt, and that offends me on a fundamental level.




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