Occupy DC

As planned, my bride and I went into DC on business yesterday (Saturday).

We were looking for the Occupy DC folks as we travelled our path.  We came in through Georgetown, crossed the Golden Triangle, had two appointments on Capitol Hill, then drove out of town back across the Golden Triangle (the “business section of DC), across DuPont Circle, and out Connecticut Avenue.  My route included passing the White House, the National Mall, the Capitol, et cetera.

We did not see a signle sign, a single tent, a single hippie, Commie, or other political genetic waste.

Note: We did not drive by McPherson Square, where they supposedly have their tents. 

But any protest in DC that does not involve Capitol Hill, the White House or K Street (Where the Lobbysists have their offices) is…well…a tourist visit.

The word I think most fitting: impotent.

I am scheduled to be down there again this week one or two days, if time permits I’ll make a special trip to McPherson Square and see what the lay of the land may be.



One thought on “Occupy DC

  1. The thing that keeps poppin' into my mind is that, pretty soon, teh domestic enemies in office, those sympathetic to this crowd, will deem the demands of these puppets as being “the will of the people” and do something seriously stupid.
    And then use our reaction as justification for..whatever they may end up doing.
    However it shakes out, it's gonna' be bad.

    Dan III


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