The Tech War Against Liberty

Homeland Security is working with private enterprise to integrate streetlights with sensors and other techie whizbangs that will help Uncle Sugar thwart you and your Tribe.

We’v e talked about this here and across our community recently.  I know that many of you don’t see this as a noose tightening.  We’ll have to agree to disagree.

But here is something I know as fact: All the technology in the world will not help an enemy once you get close enough to smell his fear.

Alan Mullenax nailed the concept: Get close and go to work.  That 600 yard rifle carried by LEO is useless against the man slipping a rear naked choke into place.

You want to beat the tech – learn to get wet, Patriots.

Here’s the story, and be aware, the private sector company involved seems to be very scared that you know what they are up to.  They’ve apparently pulled youtubes and engaged in other manners of hiding.

Smart.  You do not want to be complicit when the trials begin…

But the bigger lesson is this: the Private Sector will help our Masters enslave you for profit.

Rich offers one consideration:




2 thoughts on “The Tech War Against Liberty

  1. Good tactical solution, Rich, but it seems we are always playing defense and catch-up.

    We need to go strategic, to the source and pull the evil out by the roots.

    They will never stop trying to tighten the noose…until we are away with them all.



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