Liberty V: Call to Action

I’ve laid out my Tribe’s plan for the 2012 election cycle.

Here is Liberty V: Call to Action

There are, I hope, hundreds of thousands of serious Patriots across the republic who would stand with us if they knew we existed.  I intend to find them in the 2012 election cycle Battleground States.  My Tribe can’t get this done alone.

Full details at and below in the previous installments of this series.

It is time to get out there and face the Enemies of Liberty.

It is time to build the III and deploy.

You’ll notice the new Donate button in the upper right corner, and the explanation at, here.

Yours in Liberty,



2 thoughts on “Liberty V: Call to Action

  1. Unless making money is the goal, your intention of giving the book the widest dissemination possible, the answer is easy.

    Convert the book to PDF form or Scribd and burn it to disk and hand them out or furnish a link to said document.



  2. Thanks, Bronze.

    Presentation matters, and a PDF doesn't accomplish that goal. That's the primary reason we chose to go with a printed book.

    Second: A small profit is made from each copy sold for the organization (527) to finance further efforts.

    That's why we offer it at wholesale for wide dissemination. Retail sales through Amazon makes a bit more profit for the organization.




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