Occupy DC & Michelle Fields

Read the account offered by Ms. Fields.

And if Ms. Fields were your wife, sister, mother, how would you handle the behavior?

Next, consider the three DC Occupy folks “hit” by a driver.  LEO sided with the driver and gave tickets to the three pedestrians.

We can not coexist.



5 thoughts on “Occupy DC & Michelle Fields

  1. Reading your brief comments and the two articles, I am not sure of your point. The first seems to side clearly with the reporter, but the second can't be construed as such, though obviously the occupiers would stick together.


  2. From what I read, and what I know of DC LEO, I'd have to say the Occupy folks were looking to make a story about being hit. The Occupy folks gave one story, but other witnesses supported the driver.

    DC LEO is very, very serious about protecting pedestrians, and if there was any doubt, they'd have sided with Team Occupy and arrested the driver.

    Here in DC we deal with traffic-blocking protests weekly, often several times each week, and as much as I give LEO a hard time, they do a pretty good job of making sure nobody gets hurt or stupid. The Occupy folks were way out of bounds, at night, looking for a headline, I am convinced.

    BTW: I don't think the Occupy folks tried to stage anything, I think they just tried to make a felony out of an accident…much like an NFL punter will fake to draw a Roughing charge.

    It's time to evict them all.



  3. We are definitely on the same page then. By the way, my brother lives in Georgetown. There are some among us who seem to be siding with the occupiers which I don't understand. A simplistic argument: Anything Hussein is for = I am against. I certainly know that there are Tea party members and others of like persuasion involved, but minute in comparison to the braindead college liberals linked arm in arm with the unions and Obama's cohorts.


  4. Yep, we are on the same page.

    I think there are some very confused folks from “our side” mixed into the Occupy groups.

    Some of the Occupy folks are flying Gadsden and saying all the right things…almost. They call for 1A and Liberty and Freedom and an end to Government Oppression…but when you actually explore what they mean by government oppression one realizes that it's apples & oranges.

    I think the Occupy Masters deliberately mixed in the obfuscation, and they'll do it again in the spring, before the Movement is revealed to be a complete tool for the Communist Party and general Enemies of Liberty.

    I'm with you – when I see anyone in the “Establishment Right” or the Administration for something, I hesitate and explore, because it can't be good.

    Stay safe,



  5. There's a story going around that Bill Ayers has promised something big in May. Like you, I think this is warmup for next spring and summer. As for what they're planning, when a bomber and terrorist says “something big” what are we to think? Something big enough to create an excuse to not hold elections “for the common good”?


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