PIGS: They are Allies

Everyone knows that Italy is the I in PIGS.  They are only a half-step behind the G – Greece.

The EU and its Socialist period is ending, as every experiment in Socialism must end.  Will the PIGS be forced into a military alliance to defend the assets within their borders against the Banksters who may call for War to make the notes they hold good again?

Italy is looking at a collapse of the Government this week.  It may happen, maybe not.  But before it is all over, Socialism in Europe will be finished.  They have run out of Other People’s Money.  There is treasure in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.  Have no doubt that the Banksters of France and Germany are weighing the options, including the option of plunder to avoid their own demise.

What would an Implosion of the EU do to America?  If Europe falls back into another war among themselves, how will it affect America?  Will Islam make significant inroads to the power in Europe as the Westerners kill one another in yet another war?

We may be on the verge of discovering those answers.

Here’s a story on the current state of affairs in Italy.



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