Secession versus Balkanization

UPDATE @ 3:45pm: I have posted a reply over at Russell’s place, click here.  I painted with broad strokes, as I didn’t want to run out of space, and I think I hit the high points. – K

You can also follow at WRSA, here.

And at AP’s thread, here.

Russ Longcore over at has just posted a column, as the title of this post suggests, examining the topics of secession and Balkanization.

I have not yet read it, either.  I’ll do it tonight, and I offer the link so you can as well.

He mentioned he would write this piece in the Comment section of this discussion here at III Percent, and I have been looking forward to it.  I have taken the position that Secession is suicide for the republic.  If I am wrong, secession is the only option on the table for resolving our differences without the inevitability of violence.  I would like to be convinced that violence is not inevitable.

I’m looking forward to the column, and will respond over there tomorrow.

Here’s the link.



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