Occupy DC pushes grandma down the stairs…

Occupy DC throws old woman down the stairs…

Wherever the truth lies, the headline is priceless.

…and I’ll point out that over thousands of Tea Party events with millions of Americans over 2 years, not even 1 such headline.   And no, the story about Tea Party folk supposedly spitting on Nancy & Company doesn’t count.

Here’s the link.



3 thoughts on “Occupy DC pushes grandma down the stairs…

  1. Let's be honest here. Not so long ago, you were calling for your political opponents who were committing, as you called it, treason, (by asking for bigger government) to be killed. There have been posts here about targeting the nannies of traitors.

    All that is going on here is violence between political groups who have irreconcilable differences. They are using the very same tactics you a while ago endorsed. Shocking? “Goons”, fox calls them. Hah. The only difference is the side they're on.

    It IS going to get ugly. Sad thing is, “Patriots” are going to sit and take it. If not, where is the vengeance unleashed upon Occupy by the patriots in the DC AO for this? Freefor, so called, will take it. Therefore, they will lose. Even the gangs understand the folly of letting a challenge such as this go unanswered. Where are the “men”? If patriots want to be taken seriously, the Sons of Liberty had better get to work.

    They won't though.

    That's why Occupy is the only bit of resistance -no matter how skewed or misguided some factions may be- going. Resistance is ugly. No matter which side it is on.

    This, however, cannot go unanswered. Scan your lanes.



  2. AP – “They are using the very same tactics you a while ago endorsed.” Really?

    Are you really suggesting in grafs 1 & 2 that I have called for immediate, deliberate targeting and murdering of political enemies and nannies and that I endorsed throwing old women down concrete stairways?

    Or did we simply discuss the CF v. CV boundaries in a Total War setting?

    If you are really suggesting that I took the former position there is a Search feature on the right of this blog and I hope we can find those posts.

    I have called for (and continue to call for) Article III Section III proceedings for those who advocate AND act to impose unconstitutional injustices on the rest of us.

    I also call for 42 USC 1983, USC Title 18 241 & 242 prosecutions.

    A trial for Treason is a Constitutionally legitimate act of Government with sentences (if found guilty) ranging from death to prison to probation to pardon.

    This incident is not my casus belli. It's not even close. It sucks for the old woman, but it rises no higher on the Richter Scale than Olofson or Guerena. The Occupy DC folks are low-hanging fruit on the Useful Idiot scale, and not worth me stepping off the porch, which I only get to do once. I engage on my terms and timeline, not theirs.

    However, I would invite any of them to visit my house and try to throw me down the steps. If they call ahead I'll even wait for them on my steps. My address is easy to find online, and they can be at my home in 30 minutes or fewer…



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