China mocks American system

Washington Times hosted this story about how the Chinese sneer at our system.  I can’t blame them, really – our system is not reflective of the system intended by our Founders.

Here’s the graf that caught my eye the most, and it is about the Times rather than China.

The self-serving rhetoric of China’s leaders runs against the historic democratic tide rising elsewhere in the world that has spawned the Arab Spring and other movements that have brought pro-Western forces to power.

For those who don’t know, the Times is supposed to be DC’s conservative paper. 

Yet the author of the piece has concluded that the Arab Spring was historic and democratic, bringing pro-western forces to power.

With ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ like this writer from the ‘conservative’ Washington Times, who needs enemies? 

Our biggest threats are not foreign, but domestic.  Our biggest problem is not the Enemies of Liberty who are actively and knowingly seeking to bring down the country…but the stupidity embodied in their legions of Useful Idiots.

I’m preaching to the choir on this one, I know.  Just be careful as you travel the roads toward Restoration.  That ‘conservative’ standing at your shoulder may have as little use for the Constitution and the ideals embodied therein as the ChiCom garbage currently selling us the rope by which many of us will hang…

Here’s the piece.



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