You may not eat that, Citizen…

A man, or a group of men, may only infringe your Liberty to the extent you permit.

They may kill you, but that is not relevant.

Stand your ground.  You may be killed.  But you’ll die with Honor.

Sometimes, that’s the only option left.

You take the decision every single day to permit other men to have power over you.  I do as well.  We all pick and choose which infringements we’ll tolerate today.

One day the wrong guy will pick the wrong day to be in your grille.

Dying is not the worst that can happen to a man.

Here’s the post at Brock’s place.



2 thoughts on “You may not eat that, Citizen…

  1. Liberty and tyranny always comes down to a choice- submit or risk death.

    Sucks that I might have to make that choice someday.

    We only have the rights we are willing to defend.
    We only have the rights we are willing to kill and die for.

    Government cannot grant rights.
    Rights must be secured from tyrants and bought with blood.

    Government cannot take away your rights.
    You must choose to give them away.

    If two men vote a third into slavery, he is justified in resistance.

    If a thousand do likewise, the one may still resist.

    If two hundred and thirty million voters consign one person to slavery, he is justified in resisting by any means available.

    No matter what is legislated, no matter what voters decide, you are free.

    Only you, through conscious choice, can change that.




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