4GW Primer

From Global Guerrillas, from a few years ago, here.

You must understand 4GW, and this is an excellent primer.  Next, google 4GW and get several perspectives.

Finally, Google 5GW.

The reality is simple: There’s going to be a fight.  Win.

To survive a war is good for you.  To prevail is the goal.

To fight on the terms of the Enemy is usually death.

Fight on your terms.  Strive to prevail.  Remember the columns of British who died from volley’s of Colonist Militia from the tactics learned from the native Indians.

But also remember: Dying is not the worst that can happen to a man.



One thought on “4GW Primer

  1. I look at it this way: the one thing in life I'm absolutely 100% sure of is that I'm going to die. It's just a matter of how and when.

    To borrow a line from Billy Graham: I'm not afraid of death, but I'm not completely comfortable with that whole dying thing.


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