Bibi understands the man in the White House

Benjamin Netanyahu is a serious man.  He has been places and done things.

He understands that this White House has done more to endanger the existence of his people as any people have done since Hitler.  The Arab Spring has one purpose: To unleash the forces that will seek to kill Israel.

Washington is now whining that Bibi may not give them a heads-up about strike plans.

Bibi understands that informing the White House means informing his enemies.

Bibi is not a fool.

Here’s the story.



4 thoughts on “Bibi understands the man in the White House

  1. Israel is a sovereign nation it must guarantee the safety of its people (I think I read that somewhere). I'm sure the purse strings have hamhocked Israel's reaction to Iran given Bama's erectile disfunction in the middle east.

    Gotta be tough counting on an ally to back you up in a time of need and suddenly realize that the game plan of said ally has changed

    Not privi to all the inner workings of our great nations politics and backroom ball busting tactics for foreign governments.. but money or no money if I were Bibi the after burners would be on.



  2. Bibi knows that if he tells the White House anything, it will either be on the front page of the NY Times, or in a direct phone call to Ahmadinejad. Or both. Wasn't there a story that our state department was telling the Pentagon that if Israeli planes overfly Iraq we are to shoot them down?

    Bibi is too smart to call DC.


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