From The Dorkfish Express

Occupy Portland is preparing for their eviction…

…it would appear they do not intend to comply.

For that: Good for them.  As to boards with nails against LEO with real firepower, I would point the Occupy folks to the Second Amendment.  While your board certainly falls under 2A, I would recommend (and respect you far more) if you’d gear up to properly defend your space.

But standing your ground is worthy of respect.

That doesn’t mean I like you, or that I am willing to share my country with you…it just means you have earned a bit of respect.

Here’s the link.



2 thoughts on “From The Dorkfish Express

  1. I'm interested to see where this goes. So much potential here. So many possibilities for third party intervention and influence should this escalate.

    Hold fast, Occupy.

    I'd hate to live under an Occupy-led regime, but, as I've said before, somebody has to be the idiot. Shame that it'll be the left. I hope team freedom is ready to exploit available leverage opportunities.



  2. AP
    Never thought of “somebody has to be the idiot” from the vantage point of it being someone I dont particularly agree. Seems a foreign thought at first glance, after stepping back a moment might serve as an interesting catalyst.



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