Occupy SF cutting LEO…

A pair of LEO from San Francisco say they were cut by Occupy folks with a razor or similar blade.

I guess LEO and Occupy haven’t figured out that they are fingers on the same hand.

And what is a Patriot to do?

Get some popcorn and watch the Left beat on their own.  And use the winter to plan for spring & summer, when the potential for genuine ugliness gets real. 

When it gets real, LEO will disappear and the mobs will own the city.  We’ve seen it time and again. The mobs will destroy their own city and neighborhoods before they march for the suburbs.  Then they’ll be guided to the homes of their political enemies.

Spring & summer, my friends.

Here’s the AP piece.



2 thoughts on “Occupy SF cutting LEO…

  1. Self-interest almost always drives the individual animal.

    That is how we can get the herd of anti-Liberty idiots moving in the direction we choose…by appealing to their self-interests…



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