Occupy: Tool of the PuppetMasters

We speculated a few weeks ago that the sudden shift across the Occupy cities that saw LEO begin to crack down was a coordinated effort ordered from higher in the food chain.

Now, we have proof.

The fascinatingly sad part is this: The Occupy folks are puppets, as is LEO, fingers on the same hand, all controlled by Enemies of Liberty that exist much higher in FedGov and beyond, and they have no idea of the reality.

The Occupy Movement is nothing more than a dry run, testing several systems that are all controlled by high level Enemies of Liberty.  The LEO system is being tested as well for efficiency and loyalty.

The Occupy folks are being convinced today that LEO is the enemy.  This will lead to clashes with LEO and a simmering anger so that next Spring & Summer, when it gets serious, Occupy will swing hard at LEO.  LEO will respond and play their position, and the net result will be riots and mob violence and LEO will conveniently get out of Dodge at the right moment.

If you can’t connect these dots, work harder my friends. Occupy, LEO, even the military are merely tools of the Enemies of Liberty – pawns that will serve their purpose and be sacrificed as needed for the greater goal.
Only you stand between Liberty and those who mean to kill it.

Here is the link.



7 thoughts on “Occupy: Tool of the PuppetMasters

  1. It's winter and time for OWS to move indoors for re-grouping and planning.

    Give me a few days and I'll come up with an interesting way for Patriots to consider their own version of occupy.


  2. I keep telling the people on my OWS/Occupy/etc. list that if they don't get their shit together, start renouncing some of the stuff that is going on in their midst, they are going to end up with a severe crack down, possible martial law, and a civil war. And I have stressed to them that if we get a civil war … the streets will be littered with their bodies, they will lose and there are a lot of people prepared to make that happen who won't shed a tear.


  3. Van Jones's strategy, the one called Top down, bottom up and inside out.

    FedGov/LEO/military is top down, OWS is bottom up, and the death of liberty is inside out.

    We saw a version of this with Operation Fast And Furious, with the ATE being top down, the cartels being bottom up, and the excuse for greater gun restrictions being inside out.


  4. Of course the establishment media only show the troublemakers so all the good sheeple will say in unison: “get rid of those stupid hippies” and “law enforcement” will enforce laws to make for good TEE VEE programming.

    John Shield
    LV, Ca.


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