President Mitt Romney

Readers know that I take the position that violence is imminent, likely the catalyst will be economic implosion, and politics can not be neglected.

The Establishment R’s want a President Romney.  That is an indictment of the Establishment, even without considering any other evidence.  And we all know that we already have enough evidence to indict every member of FedGov & the Political Class, we don’t need any more.

I see no difference between a President Obama and a President Romney…except that President Obama is more honest about his agenda.

Either of these men in the White House in 2012 will mean the airplane we are on, which is currently pointed at the ground and traveling at Mach Two…will accelerate to Mach 3+.

Not that any of the other R candidates are genuine Constitutionalists, though Ron Paul comes closest.

We are on a course that can not be altered.  The only variable is speed.

Brace for impact.  Protect the patch of ground beneath your own feet.



4 thoughts on “President Mitt Romney

  1. Don't want to get all theological or Mayan on everyone but….

    There have been a few in history who have predicted or forseen these events. Hell, there have been societies in history that have failed for the same reason that we are on the brink of failure.

    The only reason I bring this up is that surprise or lack of understanding of history is not a good excuse.

    Whether theological, spiritual or historical, the writing's on the subway walls.



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