Letter: UC Davis

UPDATE from Curtis: F’nA: Two of these UC DNA wastes have been placed on leave.  I hope they are soon sitting in line at the Occupy rallies hoping for handouts for food.  Here’s the link.

Action & Resistance need not mean being on the Green bashing heads.  This is action.  This is resistance. 

Curtis did outstanding work identifying this genetic garbage with a badge & gun.

I am not one for writing letters, but I just emailed Lt. John Pike (japikeiii@ucdavis.edu) and also the Dean of Law at UC Davis (krjohnson@ucdavis.edu):

Dean Johnson,

I offer very little support to most of the messages I have heard from the Occupy Movement.   

I do not support many of the actions I have witnessed that have been taken by Occupy participants. 

I have almost nothing in common with any politically Liberal member of our society. 

But the behavior of your Campus Police Lt. John Pike is unconscionable and demands immediate dismissal. 

Every single member of the UC Police Department who was on-scene and did not stop the actions by this man also deserve immediate dismissal. 

Please forward this email to the appropriate members of the UC Administration. 


Christian Kerodin

I will not ask you to do the same.  But if we put enough pressure on UC Davis and this waste of DNA is sacked, it will begin to send a message to the broader LEO community.

In this matter, you and I share a common enemy with those folks who sat peacefully and took pepper in the face by a jack-booted thug.

Do as your conscience directs you.



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