Flash Mob Warfare

This is an evolving form of warfare, and you will see it again.

When SHTF, you will see it in its ugliest permutations.

They hit another 7-11 in Maryland (about 15 minutes from my home) last night.  50 of them.

The one in Germantown a few months ago was about 5 minutes from my house.

The human animal intuitively understands the power of mass units…(and too many overlook the power of a determined individual).

Today it is for soda and cupcakes.

Tomorrow will be for your wife, daughters, and prep.

Are you ready to counter this form of warfare?  How?

The best way to avoid a punch – don’t be there.

One important note: Germantown Maryland is as suburban as any community in America. 

These folks are not inner-city welfare teet-suckers.  Of course, the teet-sucking is endemic in my area, because of the number of Government employees, but these folks are not poor…that is another issue.

Here’s the link.



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